Ashtray Navigations – Dirt Mummies And Bloody Amps/ Blood Mummies And Dirty Amps (2010, Revival)

Posted in music by okkame on August 17, 2011



“Ashtray Navigations is Phil Todd and guest cohorts. He’s from round these parts (West Yorkshire) and is rapidly becoming synonymous with brilliantly epic, sludgy soundscapes & vast psychedelic noise sculpting. This catchily titled CD on his own DIY imprint is as caustic as the furthest reaches of the Astral Social Club or the ricocheting sonic feedback overload of Skullflower. Quite how he manages to layer this filthy, ascending distortion with such absorbing detail i’ll never know yet the first number relentlessly evolves into a shitstorm of feedback whilst a lunatic UFO comes in half way attempting to suck the sonic cloud up, churning madly in its frantic determination! Sympathetic is the key and my ears are treated to some excellent analogue Komische action that has raw feedback tendrils trailing from its old-skool underbelly. 6 tracks in all, showcasing a rough, rugged & tantalising imagination from this region.” from Norman records



Back in the day I used to read Phil Todd’s blog on myspace where I could be clued in on an outer-square cultural linchpin like Sweet Movie, a film by  Dušan Makavejev. His considerable  knowledge and understanding of various counterculture ephemera is soundly reflected in his musical pursuit. This album was compiled from some of his previous materials released in 2006 and 2008 and its exemplifying barrage of outre psych-o-ramas must be a sure shot to launch the first timers into the entrancing orbits of Ashtray Navigations.

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