Marcus Schmickler: About Electronic Music

Posted in boys, music by okkame on August 24, 2011

Marcus Schmickler lectures in Electronic Music playing a diversity of exemplary sound samples off his laptop. 


I can hear lots of familiar and arresting proper nouns but can’t even understand a thing for he talks in German. English subtitles plz ! Bitte !!! This must be an essential teaching material for music aficionados of all electronic stripes.





Marcus Schmickler studied composition and electronic music withJohannes Fritsch and Hans-Ulrich Humpert. He is born in 1968 in Cologne, where he works as a freelance composer and producer. Closely associated with the label a music he has performed in the last 10 years invarious fields of electronic, instrumental, improvised and composed music.He is a member of various ensembles, e.g. Brussels-square-10a music,and Pluramon Mimeo. Lately, numerous solo, chamber ensemble, choraland orchestral compositions, many of them involving electronic music. In addition, he also writes on theater, film, advertising and unusual pop music projects. Among other things, the singer Julee Cruise and David Lynch, the British pianist John Tilbury. He has received numerous prizes and awards, and has for years been represented at international venues and festivals.Marcus Schmickler has said in his lecture on the design, experiment and application of electronic music. 

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