Posted in boys, fashion, music by okkame on August 27, 2011

Arto Lindsay, 1987



An accidental revisting of The Golden Palominos crucial  debut mind-blower of the same name (it’s the culmination of the early 80’s Downtown music scene, hands down !) put me on the Arto Lindsay tip.

I have admired this versatile – he made or lent his weight to at least one song you, I mean every civilized You of every musical predilection on the face of the earth, will like, prodigiously talented musician for as long as I can remember. And also he has been one of the best dressers in my microcosm of impeccable aesthetic standards for the same amount of time. The irrefutable truth always reveals itself instaneously; Simply look at the above picture. He just murdered you with his merciless chicness.

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