Soft Machine In Concert

Posted in music by okkame on September 8, 2011



The first three tracks, said to be from the Paris Theatre in London in 1971, show the group in the fusion jazz/free jazz mode. Some forms of jazz really dates the music, but not so with free jazz. Mainly brass driven with parts that are melodic even, the challenge and timeless appeal of the tracks is both invigorating and showed how masterful the group already was back in the early ’70s. It’s no wonder that Soft Machine was voted best small group in the Melody Maker jazz poll of 1974 – from some blogger.


Track 01. Neo-Caliban
Track 02. Out-Bloody-Rageous
Track 03. Eamonn Andrews/Teeth
Track 04. Feelin’ Reelin’ Squeelin’
Track 05. I’m So Low (Jet Propelled Photographs aka Shooting At The Moon)


Robert Wyatt – drums, vocals
Mike Ratledge – organ, electric piano
Hugh Hopper – bass
Elton Dean – alto sax, saxello
Mark Charig – cornet
Ronnie Scott – tenor sax
Paul Nieman – trombone
Roy Babington – bass
Nick Evans – trombone
Alan Skidmore – Tenor sax
Daevid Allen – whistle, backing vocals
Kevin Ayers – bass, vocals



Soft Machine plays genuine Free Jazz ala Albert Ayler and Noah Howard giving off a moderate amount of proggy flavor (track 4-5 are recorded in 1967 and they are classic Soft Machine doozies).


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