Posted in boys, music by okkame on September 10, 2011

holy moly … isn’t this sort of TV Party redux?


Megaton Media Presents:

The BJ Rubin Show
Episode #102
“I Want To Be Made of Noses”
Original Airdate – 5/5/11

Produced by BJ Rubin

Starring Starring David Buddin, BJ Rubin, Kevin Shea and Dinky

Featuring Charlie Judkins, Owen Kline, Lauren Martin, Rane Moore, Weasel Walter and Natalie Weiss

Music by Wet Hair, Talibam! and The American Liberty League

Produced through the facilities of
Brooklyn Community Access Television
Brooklyn, NY 11217



Photo: Kevin Shea, a hipster


Bassist/composer Tom Blancarte sent out the following message:

“Breaking news to all musicians in NYC who might be playing atUniversity of the Streets in the East Village:I just played there with Talibam!, Tim Dahl and Moppa Elliot, and when we were finished, the owner and her son told us that we owed them 50 dollars. When we told them we didn’t owe them anything, her son punched my friend Kevin in the face with keys in his hand! He came close to losing his left eye! Please boycott this place, they are bad, bad people.”


His friend Kevin is Kevin Shea of Talibam! who posted the above picture of the damageto his own Facebook where he also wrote “Just wanted to say a huge thanks so much everyone for your support and notes!! I really appreciate it … Thanks for all your advice too. Totally insane night.” Check out the comments people are leaving on the venue’s Facebook (thx Joly) – from Brooklyn Vegan.


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  1. okkame said, on September 10, 2011 at 6:42 am

    Yowza! This is some TV show. Highest Recommendation !

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