Sleeping Beauty 2011

Posted in films, girls by okkame on September 11, 2011



We have a pair of Sleeping Beauties waiting to be awakened in the year 2011 offered by two directorial beauties, the first being Sleeping Beauty (above) by Australian debuting director Julia Leigh, the second “The” Sleeping Beauty (below) by famed french director Catherine Breillat, the amatory tigress of Cinema. I’m thrilled to be their respective white knights on watch. If  the mixing of a moderate vulgarity via my Korean logic and a clumsy usage of an American Idiom is allowed, I’d like to say they’re a tag team of my red-hot favourites for me to ride on – you must have an understanding of Korean idiomatic expression “To ride a  (mostly white, sometimes black) horse.” to fully get this.

I hope to see these films at upcoming BIFF, formerly PIFF,  annually held Busan International Film Festival although doubting that the people at BIFF are discerning enough to include the two on their selection. I don’t like BIFF for many reasons, and it creates such an eyesore and icky throngs but seeing that my friend Hasangong who was granted the opportunity to take high-priced pictures of notable film stars such as Juliette Binoche, Aoi Yu and Tang Wei in addition to other sundry Korean bonerables last year has contracted with the festival again this year, which means he in the capacity of a member of Press can give me some free tickets of my choice movies, I’m likely to set aside my dislike for the time being and have a likable time contemplating over the benefits of my hometown and friends.



With Blue Beard‘s some little tameness,  I’m a bit wary of Catherine Breillat’s tapping into fairy tales. However, excepting Blue Beard, all her films I’ve seen so far – Brief Crossing, Fat Girl and The Last Mistress – were great joys, overflowing with dazzling amorousness and point-blank yet exceedingly intricate sexuality. I say in all honesty and earnestness  Brief Crossing is the film of my life. Any recommendations on her other works? Please?


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