Red Horse is mightier than Red Bull

Posted in boys, music by okkame on October 12, 2011

Red Horse Live Performance at the Butcher Shop in Brighton, Mass. In the Spring of 2007.


Steve Pyne – Organ, Tapes
Eli Keszler – Drums, Bells



What a fucking horse !  Saw this Eli Keszler dude giving his customized drum kit a tumble & rumble inside a cozy residential building in Bushwick, in awkward company with some 4 (excluding the people that live there and belonged to the bill) , sad, Avant-Gardest of  niche audiences during this year’s my summer NY hipster field trip. Rather unlike in this vid, Energy music wasn’t what he had in mind and his clever limbs were prepared for but boy, was he good. Do I miss NY? To wit, being the brokest in NY? Instead of grimacing at me answering my own pathetic question, you better shift your regal sight to and stream the new Red Horse album. It’s freaking awesome. I really mean it. A bucking bronco.


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