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Brice Marden 1976 by Robert Mapplethorpe 1946-1989Brice Marden, 1976 by Robert Mapplethorpe


GLENN O’BRIEN — It’s funny, because I was working for Andy in 1970 and he would talk about the Abstract Expressionists, and he’d say, “They’re too introspective; that’s why Pollock killed himself.” Andy’s thing was claiming he didn’t want to think. [laughs]
BRICE MARDEN — Yeah, yeah, but he was such a brilliant thinker!

GLENN O’BRIEN — He didn’t want to think about his problems. He was a strategic thinker.
BRICE MARDEN — Amy Sillman wrote an article, I guess it was in Artforum, where she talks about Abstract Expressionism as this really macho thing. It was “these guys” and they’re all drinking and hairy-chested. All that stuff. She talked about it like it’s a joke. I had never really thought about that, but there was this kind of overblown macho masculinity thing, and the women painters who were involved sort of had to be that way, too.


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