Nyunnom of the Year

Posted in boys, girls, music by okkame on January 8, 2014



Already more than a few days into the new year, I still don’t feel like saying farewell to the musical riches of last year. Thanks to the grizzle-haired hepsters at Matablog (and also don’t forget to check out Fuckin’recordreviews’ year-end list), Melbourne’s Dick Diver dived right into the jizz pool of my fertile obsessions to be the winning sperm to impregnate my rather drab life with gentle ecstasy. There has been quite a bit of competition between Water Damage and Lime Green Shirt for the my-favorite-song on-the-album title, and the judge in me ruled in the former’s favor just because I have listened to the latter more so far (some balancing needed). So that’s that. The song Water Damage is posted below


* Nyunnom of the Year because I am sure I will admire Calendar Days well into 2014 (although I have had enough of growing old).


Dick DiverWater Damage


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