I’m enjoying Joanna Gruesome’s new album as I should be, but I may be liking this band more. Maybe.

Posted in music by okkame on May 14, 2015


My record-buying (yet, oddly, turntableless), mp3-purchasing, almost-as-hip-as-me acquaintance hipped me to an Argentine trio called Los Cripis, and you know what I’m gonna say: They are awesome! I bet four months of my celibacy — you know it’s rare and precious — that you won’t be able to tell their nationality simply by listening to them; they have an unmistakable English/Australian DIY art-punk sound reminiscent of adorable female-fronted bands such as La La Vasquez (London/Brighton, hopefully just on a hiatus), Gloss Rejection (London, a recent find; the vocalist very much resembles the Whines girl, just sonically), and King Tears Mortuary (Sydney).  Yes, that youtube video is for you to watch, so see or listen for yourself.

Los Cripis are going on tour with Fungi Girls, and I am going on a trip to Osaka in June, and there I will see Acid Mothers Temple and The Silence (Ghost’s Masaki Batoh’s new band). Plus, I feel gutted about the Royal Trux reunion (and the festival that marks it). Yeah, it’s only a good thing, but I cannot help but get peeved by it.


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