Kevin Ayers – Caribbean Moon

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One of the gayest music videos ever, here is Kevin Ayers with Caribbean Moon.




Dear Duke Ayers, my long awaited Prince Charming, I’m already in bed with you and I’m not even gay !

Your blazing beauty and aristocratic fluidity make my desolated Soft Machine start running Hard and let the flow of honeyed oil run through it. Liveliness regained, skyrocketingly expelled.

I love you.

Under Caribbean Moon, you,  sporting a splashing sailor suit, gleefully serenade all my latent homosexual desires, and I see historic Adonis Bjorn Andresen coming out of you to uncloset my Socratic dream.


Bjorn Andresen in a sailor suit with his potential partners


nom (non)

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Marcus Schmickler: About Electronic Music

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Marcus Schmickler lectures in Electronic Music playing a diversity of exemplary sound samples off his laptop. 


I can hear lots of familiar and arresting proper nouns but can’t even understand a thing for he talks in German. English subtitles plz ! Bitte !!! This must be an essential teaching material for music aficionados of all electronic stripes.





Marcus Schmickler studied composition and electronic music withJohannes Fritsch and Hans-Ulrich Humpert. He is born in 1968 in Cologne, where he works as a freelance composer and producer. Closely associated with the label a music he has performed in the last 10 years invarious fields of electronic, instrumental, improvised and composed music.He is a member of various ensembles, e.g. Brussels-square-10a music,and Pluramon Mimeo. Lately, numerous solo, chamber ensemble, choraland orchestral compositions, many of them involving electronic music. In addition, he also writes on theater, film, advertising and unusual pop music projects. Among other things, the singer Julee Cruise and David Lynch, the British pianist John Tilbury. He has received numerous prizes and awards, and has for years been represented at international venues and festivals.Marcus Schmickler has said in his lecture on the design, experiment and application of electronic music. 


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“I’m Ghédalia Tazartès and a musician, very eclectic one. I’m not experimental. My music.. my music is sullen country and clearly Rock N’ Roll forever.”


He’s so cute and handsome !


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Julie Cafritz  and Bob Bert on tour in Japan, 1988.



Falling back to the horrid Korean environments means the restored proximity to those retching Korean indie lunkeheads and their whole lamentable idiocy and sophomoric priggery which obliges me to acknowledge the severe reality of my being one of their enthno-cultural ilk, and thus a lot more frequencies of me getting all miffed up. They tweet as they stink (every fucking minute) and I see the word “hipster” erringly pop out of their collective skunk den each day – granted, I patronize there on a daily basis. And there’s no better fair game on which I can foolishly blame my misery than those fools. Experienced readers of this blog would know why and how I hate them so I pass on that, but not without earnest invectives; “You obscenely fat-brained culturally incompetent fugly spoilt middle class stuck-ups, please stop your gibberish on NY hipsters  and all the related non sequiturs. You will never get it and be cool despite all your meta-Korean privileges because you’re born to suck an be lame. You’re not even treatable.”

How can they be so tasteless and clueless when nearly every code is exposed on the interweb to be parsed? Let me take SUP magazine, which I’ve known about for a while but didn’t bother to visit until I googled Sic Alps’ new 7″ Breadhead, as an example. A 30 seconds-scan of their website is enough to discern what a coterie of bonafide NY hipsters relishes and stands for. What? You’re running short of time? Then you’re not hipster enough. Try harder ! * Don’t get me wrong, I dislike them hipsters as people as much as the next indignant low class man does; However, I can’t deny the fact that they appreciate and create some decent stuff and I am forever infatuated with it. Mind you, I’m not a hipster as a person and in a sociological sense.

Sup magazine is releasing their amazing features from Issue 24 one at a time, every few days. An interview of Laurel Halo a.k.a Ms. Oneohtrix Point Never is coming soon, and a Sic Alps inteview by none other than the hipster dreamboat Thurston Moore is already waiting  for your reading pleasure with an exclusive stream of Sic Alps’ freshly-digitized song Breadhead * Argh-um, A “it’s not currently available” message showed up after I streamed it about 4 times and the total play number of the song at that time was 7. Maybe they decided to punish me for my piratical tendencies or simply Drag City is in on it? In any case, this Sic Alps interview should be great. But i won’t give a link to it as I’m terrified by pingback. So click on the Sup Magazine link above instead to read it. The least we can expect from these underground music pundits here is that they go all Forced Exposure. 


Here’s a teaser;


– When Matthew arrived, Thurston led everyone slowly through a small alley, to a shop he said was “Julia Cafritz from Pussy Galore’s ex-husband’s furniture store”, a slick spot full of brightly colored new modern called Artifact 20th Century. ” –


Julia Cafritz has an ex-husband !!!


– Matt: Yeah I’ve been waiting to put The Olatunji Concert (John Coltrane, 2001) on, for fear that it’s going to drive everyone else insane. –


Coltrane’s The Olatunji Concert is the most raw and harrowing yet spiritually uplifting album I’ve ever heard. A true musical tour de force !!!  Harry Pussy even feels just like a pussy compared to the sounds of this astounding album. Harsher than the harshest noise but it’s high-minded and highly musical. To you incredulous hipster wannabe Pitchfork-reading squares; Pitchfork even gave this album a 1 0. (I knew this because I came to know about The Olatunji Concert from the above linked pitchfork review back then. hahaha !)

1,000,000 kisses

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“1,000,000 kisses” is great Half Japanese’s possibly most popular and exoteric song. It is a simple and charming love (or hate) song sung by a jilted lover (or a megalomaniac rejectee) who is or is like Jad Fair. The lyrics go like this;


“It didn’t worked out like I had planned it
But it did worked out better than I thought it would
Lots, lots better
Way, way better
You hurt my feelings more than once
And made me feel bad once or twice
I thought if I got you jealous
You might want me more and treat me better

1,000,000 kisses for 1,000,000 girls
And no kisses left for you
1,000,000 kisses for 1,000,000 girls
And I did all for you

It didn’t worked out like I had planned it
You didn’t even care
You didn’t treat me any better
But now I don’t even care because

1,000,000 kisses for 1,000,000 girls
And no kisses left for you
1,000,000 kisses for 1,000,000 girls
And I did all for you

And me”


Sounds freaking malicious for a guy like  Jad Fair, doesn’t it?


At any rate, this song is great. But who gives a shit about 1,000,000 kisses unless they’re for 1,000,000 boys by girls ? So it’s time you gave a shit or two because recently, a decade-old Kiwi all-girl indie pop band named The Gladeyes covered “1,000,000 kisses.” and made it public for us boys, and moreover with a lovely music video. Their cover is cheery and sunshiny on top of being cute and sweet, that is to say it rules ! 




The Gladeyes are on the same New Zealand label as The Brunettes (Hmm, you don’t know them? They’re Sub Pop signees along with a fellow New Zealander The Ruby Suns. Quite a coup for Kiwis to be on Sub Pop …). Shelflife (an illustrious -at least to the 22-year-old me – SF-based indie/twee pop label), The Softies, Au Revoir Simone …. You know what comes after all these. Check out their homepage if you remember Soulseek’s tweefolks room. I ate my words, check it out anyway because they’re good and you can access a lot of  their free Bandcamp stuff via their homepage.  

Solex vs Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer – “Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown!”

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Fuck Yeah !



Cristina Martinez, 1987



“This is Cristina from the bands Pussy Galore and Boss Hog. I think she was about 19 or 20 in this photo. She showed up and she had all this gear—tons of bondage stuff. I’m so naive about stuff that I didn’t even realize she was a Latina girl until years later. I mean, look at her name! But it never occurred to me. Anyway, I ran into her about a year ago. She still looks really good.”- Richard Kern

Beth Orton – She Cries Your Name

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Appetite For Destruction 1987

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The original cover art by Robert Williams 



Appetite For Destruction  as we know it 



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Perfect make out music sung and played by a fearless troubadour whose fatal charm and swelling carnal desires will soon take control of your hypothalamus.


Carnaval Exotica and Mississippie Blues rendered through a sieve of Swingin’ London ?


A total blinder !!!