I dwell in Huggy Nation + Tae Won Yu

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Photos by Tae Won Yu. A cute girl with riot grrrl bang on the bottom one is Audrey Marrs. From my survey, she was in Bratmobile and is now a well-regarded film producer.


Tae Won Yu is a seasoned indie stalwart trading in eye candies – the notables among them are the covers of two great Built To Spill albums – “Keep It Like A Secret” and “Perfect From Now On (I have the cd. It goes without saying that this album is G.R.E.A.T. No? then beat it please)”, and the logo of Portland’s Yeti magazine. What makes him more interesting to me is that he is a korean-american – hmm, As you may know, I only identify with this type of koreans (fuck, i wish I had been born in america …….). Visit his homepage. But I prefer his flickr – He was a big time Olympia scenster, that is to say you can see vintage photos of Calvin Johnson, Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail ……along with those of K/KRS hipsters on it.


Huggy Nation FOREVER. And This is yours truly Huggy ‘Fucking’ Bear (Not me).



Tauba Auerbach

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Weegee, 1899-1968, born Zloczew, Austria-Hungary (present-day Poland); died New York, New York, Crying Landlord, New York Apartment House Fire, circa 1940, gelatin silver print, Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, Museum purchase: Peter T. Bohan Art Acquisition Fund, 1985.0076.




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Dan Wynn, 1920-1995, born Chicago, Illinois, Body and Soul: Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes, circa 1971, published in Esquire magazine, October 1971, gelatin silver print, Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas, Gift of Esquire, Inc., 1980.0862.



Sort Sol feat. Lydia Lunch – Boy/Girl (1984)

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Shannon and the Clams – Hunk Hunt

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Not a few people of above-the-3rd-world are having a hard time handling their fierce interest in our (I want to exclude myself from “our” if that still can make sense) northern counterparts. This, mostly self-entertaining, interest can be interpreted and understood in more than a single aspect, but no matter how personal and social variables have affected its genesis, there’s the lowest common denominator that sheds a light on the basic human desire not irrelevant to those lie in the tale of Adam & Eve and Pandora’s Box. You want to map a treasure island of oddities and novelties that has been half-lost on the tyrannical seas of the civilization in which Facebook thrives, but you are aware that mindfuck – whatever form you take – is the only palpable gain in there, however, it’s still worth trying because there’s no risk of loss in the paths this interest, or curiosity, leads you to. 

Look at these islanders, they’re bitterly sardonic and obviously hate you while some dingbats would consider them as the equal of their nominal riffraff mexican or puerto rican friends that make those vain dingbats feel authentic and cool. 

They’re the embodiment of punkrock without any theoretical and conceptual bullcrap when seen with “We’ll never cross the path and it’s lucky I am not a part of you. But it’s really exciting to know how idio(t)syncratic you are” kind of friendly remoteness, and romantic sympathy that have-it-alls are prone to project onto the disenfranchised. And some will find this instructing lady in a uniform hot. Well, I kinda do. I think she got feautres that can make her an asian hipster girl. She just needs a few mendings and the broadscale brain(re)washing. I visualize her after 7:3 bob haircut in faded ripped blue jeanshorts and plain white short-sleeves with several pieces of blinging silvery accessories… this makeup is alright but the mien should be sassy and lively. I like this girl, that’s all there was to say in the first place. 

Click this for a shitload of north korea photos. This old korean dude refers to himself as  “English Gentleman” on his blog profile. No kidding. 



Joseph Beuys : Coyote

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“‘For me it is the idea of the word that produces all images. It is the key sign for all forms of moulding and organizing. When I speak using a theoretical language, I try to induce the impulses of this power, the power of the whole understanding of language which for me is the spiritual understanding of evolution.’
But language is not to be understood simply in terms of speech and words. That is our current drastically reduced understanding of language, a parallel to the reduced understanding of politics and economics. Beyond language as a verbalization lies a world of sound and impulses, a language of primary sound, without semantic content, but laden with completely different levels of information.
Every form of life speaks a language, untapped and unheard.”


For more of this:


Warning: Do not use this for the embellishment of your limited-to-58-cassettes homespun drone yawnfest.



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??? It was too much.



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