Incubate Festival 2013 Sunday

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1376448_523976591018630_735378482_nResidual Echoes @ Extase

1009890_522706244478998_1905539160_nLas Kellies @ Cul de Sac

563577_522407844508838_1367715596_nBuilt to Spill @ 013 Main Stage

531939_522464827836473_832364722_nRegression (Nate Young of Wolf Eyes) @ Paradox




I only stayed the Sunday night in Tilburg for this year’s Incubate festival since there were quite a lot of touristy things to do in Amsterdam. Posted here are the better photos among a few I took at the festival, just for the record.

Being a chronic ditherer with fairly eclectic music taste, I strode from venue to venue in an inane attempt to put the vast soundscape of the festival on shuffle, only to catch about 20 minutes of a set on average. After being scolded by my companion for my itchy feet dictated by my insatiable ears, I settled for Barn Owl forfeiting my Psychic Ills share. Sure enough, Barn Owl played an excellent set, but back home, I am constantly wondering if watching Elizabeth Hart in action would have done me better, more than just passing her by on the street (despite looking a bit neurotic, she had a 9.3 ass). The rest of the acts I saw live at the festival but you cannot see post-live in this post are Shannon & the Clams, Carlton Melton, White Manna, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, AUS, and Shonen Knife, all of whom fervently contributed to a great time I had there.

Wish me wealth, health, and peace of mind, so that I can have a slightly higher chance of enjoying more live music soon enough in the environment where things like a Dead Moon t-shirt and a Sleep tote bag are righteous statement items.


Oh, I went to Europe

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1378149_523645177718438_1391239796_nSitting at a street side cafe table in Antwerpen


Oh, I went to Europe

Posted in boys, Friends & Myself ? (maybe someday) by okkame on September 26, 2013

1238973_523168024432820_352014249_nMe on some street in Antwerpen