Goldie Hawn explains the U.S. time zones at Laugh-In

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What a bracing blonde bombshell she is. Goldie Hawn administers radiative blows to male hearts to their beatific meltdown.



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Dennis Hopper, Venice 1986 photographed by Jutta Winkelmann




Sky Above Mud Below

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one of shark Sightings



Sightings Sky Above Mud Below 


Above is my favourite rock ‘n’ roll song of 2010. Fucking Emo and Fucking Cool. Majestic. Sounds like Summer’s coming, no? Sky Above, Mud Below !!!



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The ending (of poetic justice) didn’t quite strike the right note with me (perhaps on account of its unstylishness), but other than that, I am head over heels about Training Day. The movie reigned and so did Denzel Washington. Highlight: Mr. Washington’s attempt at Korean; He said “괜찮아요 (It’s ok)”, pronounced like “Gwhenchanayo” but done by him like “Ggachanayo” which can be misheard as “같잖아요” which means sorta “not worth a fig”   – to an elderly korean woman shopkeeper who was alarmed at the sudden break-in of Snoop Dogg and co. to set her at ease. His execution was clumsy and hilarious yet cute.



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She must have landed a Mary Poppins role had there been any remake  of the movie.



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Fiona Apple – Criminal

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rehash of my facebook post but I like this vid so much.



It’s  a murky memory. But it seems like that feeling, the feeling of my unsuspecting teeny soul being gobbled up by the overwhleming surge of testosterone and euphoria when I first “interfaced” with this vid, is being rekindled upon each view, although I’m fully aware that it will never reach anywhere near to the virginal sensation I experienced with the vid – I saw it on the huge screen in a long since defunct music cafe named “Rockadia” around PNU, well, of course in Korea.

Needless to say, a great song as well. Pre-Terry Richardson candy floss sleaze. Divine.



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This deliberately sketchy, (ch)impishly campy music video of art-stricken korean renegades cruising their way along the K-realities commiting dancy high jinks to raunchy faux-funk hop adheres to the attested precept of short and sweet. Unshakably addictive goody of ever-shaky bods.

The rotating ruddy letters mean “Porno Tape” in Korean, but “Po”  being transcribed as “뽀” instead of “포” adds to its fetching vulgarity. “뽀” sounds more like “Bbo”. Yeah, very Souls Of Mischief-ish, not musically at all though.



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A still of Shirin Neshat’s 2000 film  “Fervor”



Sword Heaven at the OCCII

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Beautiful. The best fucking band in this life