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C. Spencer Yeh and Olivia of Smegma at Slient Barn, Summer of 2011 photographed by Wookby


Yeh was cute in the flesh and Olivia seemed kind


I was a failed hipster because poverty was my reality

Posted in boys, music by okkame on April 14, 2012

Howling Hex at Cake Shop NYC, Summer of 2011


Me reposing on a couch at the same place, on the same day as above



About two years have past since my buddy Wookby‘s purchase of a domain and more than half a year since his pictorial recording of me in NYC but as is often the case with him, he has been doing practically nothing about them. Um nah, I stand corrected. It turned out that he was just fucking sluggish and didn’t really care about the dead money and my portrait rights.

He properly launched his blog today, perhaps, to repent of his negligence.
Pix are coming in. So visit his blog for your viewing pleasure. It’s free.



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Katharina Wulff, Untitled, 2011



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Petrina Hicks, Emily the Strange, 2011