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Brian Eno was like a woman,


But now he likes a woman.


This track reassures us about his genius – Coldplay big money hasn’t spoilt him an iota ! I am so amazed even to venture on posting this at the expense of my blog’s smart shape (Soundcloud, you’re fucking UGLY !).

Brian Eno used to be the future of music and this is how he gets himself the contemporary relevance; He catapultes the skein of his glorious past sonic incarnations into the futureward course of OUR present, and what is the best of all, part of that recalls his most conspicious feat in my book – the man who produced epochal No New York. Can-like primordial beats deadpanly strike through all these agitated Touch records ambience and biotic flourishs of crisp electronic gurgles and creaks, and at one point, briefly intruded by the angular anxiety of an operating guitar remindng of Arto Lindsay’s play in his DNA days, things drive into the lost highway of Sonic Youth then disappear to where they came from – Captain Picard’s spaceship.


Brian Eno 2 Forms Of Anger (taken from forthcoming Small Craft On A Milk Sea album on Warp)



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I can’t stop listening to this new thumping fungi track. Incurably WOWed. It’s bigger and stronger than their rather bashful full-length that I enjoyed very much (Apparently, their cocks and balls are still growing).

Fungi Girls is the best JAMC-laden garage rock band as of now, employing only the good sides of contagious Wavvy features, hands down. At this point, I should confess Juno and Super Bad are my favourite american movies and they look just like those enviable american kids in them. But in sounds, they mature into a James Dean-esque badass motor biking on a certain sunny californian expressway (should I say Texas? no, it really doesn’t sound that way !) with all Reid bros aplomb and swagger, and fitting leather props, transporting stunned onlookers to the velocity they steadily carry away. Within this winding space of the intemperate speed, we are only to be pleased by honeyed winks gently being beamed from one insanely good looking lad.


Fungi GirlsSun Blues


onto your choice player



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by Maxime Ballesteros



You’ll find some good stuff in here:



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Omega Jarden performing “ITS LOVE”
at PS1 03/2010


Nobody has written up this new york beauty yet? Why Altered Zones is still letting them graze on the directionless currents of the internet ?

The instant I saw them (ok, just a girl) on Impose’s Whartscape 2010 photo coverage sometime ago, I knew they (she and her mates) are onto something. To be fair, I just hoped this super stylishly fucked up hipster girl would be my new muse or something. They called themselves Omega Jarden. And I bolted to their myspace like a itchy hipster sleuth. They didn’t blow me away on the spot, but I felt more positve compared to my first visit to Gang Gang Dance’s myspace (Back then, I heard Vincent Gallo loves this band and guess I listened to tracks from Revival Of The Shittest). They surely have the potential to make a great album like Saint Dymphna someday and to draw the fashion populace from the much more clued-in like Chloe Sevigny to other shallow nyc trend hoppers, my acute music (business) acumen signals. Simply Look and Listen, if you don’t agree, that’s ok in its way.   

I can picture their impending Sacred Bones or The Social Registry branding, liaisions with the fashion big names such as Opening Ceremony and Phillip Lim who seems already a friend of theirs, and frequent art world flirtations – they should have their footings in it, if not, how could they manage to play at PS1 without releasing a single single? No risk of them turning into a Cobra Snake farce like Telepathe did considering their overt artistic concerns. They ooze the defiant flamboyance of the subterranean new york clique which can be traced back in Downtown 81 – musically, they’re more compatible with Tuxedo Moon than No New York but reasonably, they appear to be friends with one on this side of now new york, Talk Normal. Above all else, this main girl possesses the sensual coolness of classy ny art punk ladies, namely, that of UT and Bush Tetras. Somehow reminds me of Pat Place, and you know, even if you knew she is gay, you still can’t help but have a beat on. Well, Omega Jarden is possibly an out-and-out artsy interracial gay/lesbo affiar (check their myspace and homepage), which makes them only cooler.

You can say they sound a bit like Zola Jesus.



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Robert Mapplethorpe, Ken Moody and Robert Sherman, 1984, stampa in gelatina d’argento /
gelatin silver print, 40.6 x 50.8 cm, Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, New York



Ivan Serpa

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Ivan Serpa, Faixas Ritmadas, 1958, © Ivan Serpa, Photograph Jaime Accioli.




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Julia Margaret Cameron (England, 1815-1879): Charles Darwin, 1868, Albumen print, 11.25 x 9.5″.



I read this “Darwin Proved the Negative Effects of Inbreeding, Through His Own Inbreeding” quite a while ago.




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David Goldblatt, “Saturday Morning at the Hypermarket: Semi-final of the Miss Lovely Legs Competition, Boksburg, Transvaal, 28 June 1980”




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Jodi Bieber, Claire


“I’m 81 years of age and I like myself. My attitude changed when I developed cancer 7 years ago and I decided I didn’t want to die and I wanted to live and I changed my attitude completely towards life. By being aware that you may die, you have to be strong and pull yourself through it and change your thinking completely, and that’s why I am so comfortable with my body. So comfortable with myself and I’m always reaching out to do exciting things.”


81 years old and you’re still kinda hot.




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Though not being a punk in a punk rock sense and not even once thought Black Flag is a great band, I feel obliged to read this Dusted piece, The Death of a Hippie’s Dream: The Complete Touch and Go Zine 1979-83, for my hipster smarts’ sake. (Sub-)Star-studded obscure or relatively known zines shine as no more than glorious namedroppings before me a benighted authenticity seeker who was born in such the wrong side of the blanket of the sociocultural hierarchy to gain proper resources and contacts to be gorgeously outcasted. I wish I were not a hipster. I may be a good fellow but I despise squares. Korea really made me so.

Anyways, fast foward to the present, even long after The Death Of a Indie’s Vanity, I saw an interesting search word to my blog today; “jennifer clavin” girlfriend “wes eisold. Definitely, there lives someone like me. Anyone to hip me to the bizarre love quadrangle of Mika Miko, No Age, Cold Cave and Xiu Xiu (uh..sorry but you’re gross)?