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Solange-Knowles-2009Solange Knowles, 2009


Kadavar – Saint Vitus 2015

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You annihilate me. You leave me a cadaver…


Vexxing myself

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tumblr_mksx2pjHA51rs1gaeo1_1280 (1)Leonard Freed, Youths in a park, West Berlin, 1965


NYC prol greats

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UTZ potato chips: Only $1



TOP Menthol: Only $4


 They’re all good looking.


And also my roommate Keith said there’s a 1$ PBR bar 7 blocks from my place.


* Where can I get the cheapest flip flops in NYC? Flip flopless summer life sucks !


a chair sitted as a pet ?

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Stefan Wewerka (1928), “Classroom Chair”
Berlin, 1970
70 x 68 x 40 cm
Wood (painted)
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2010



What kind of classroom will this chair fit? What kind of teachers, students, curriculum, pedagogics, cheating, in-class bullying and pining for the girl next row does this chair conjure?


Also compare it with a bootyful of other unusual sittables.



Beaches – In A While / Halve 7″ (2010)

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If your exploratory drilling for aural oil goes so far as down under, Beaches could already have been the familiar name of a gusher. Beaches are a melbournian super group bonded by the brotherhood of blood sisters with an impassioned agenda of perfecting the petticoat government. They build up paradisiacal Lesbos of their own as the iridescent embroideries of sounds gradually take shape on our own mind where vast possibilities and infinite dimensions lie dormant. Before anybody knows, we’re living in it free from the mundane notion of ownership. It’s the fast friendship and empathetic nature in their music that let us leap into transient yet repercussive the state of ecstatic togetherness. It sounds ridiculously hippyish; however, betraying my feelings and perceptions is beyond my capability. Sue me, but at least I’m being honest in using these honeyed words.





I can throw names around for the sake of laziness; Sonic Youth (you’ll recognize the traces of SY’s “Dirty Boots” on the a-side), MBV, Throwing Muses, The Breeders, amped-out shoegaze, sirenian(not the animal) psychedelia, maritime garage rock on acid… and they sound better than the sum of those mere words.

But before all, you may have noticed a conspicuous thing about Beaches – again, the name, which is Beaches. And ironically, that could be ignorable in a sense; It’s understandable if you’re irked by yet another Beach-esque band, moreover the most blatant one in this case. Don’t be, though. It won’t hurt you an inch to put your pet peeve to bed once for all. Their soundscape is near the size of the mother ocean, compared to those of many others that simply trace out her vignettes. They trade in vertiginous wild ass guitar licks by wholesale – the true believers in the guitarheroine-ism! As a unity, they’re adept and energetic enough to fill in a stadium. It wouldn’t be strange to see them on the same bill with Comets on Fire and White Hills. I go out on a limb even to say this 7″ reminded me of Happy Trails -era Quicksilver Messenger Service to some extent. I’ll leave you to judge for yourself. But I guess you’re already affected by my pitch.


‘Halve’ is from our 7”, self released in Australia in June 2010 and from our upcoming Eternal Sphere EP soon to be released in the US by Mexican Summer.
Super 8 footage is from our US tour in March this year and was shot by Gill Tucker and Jack Farley


I’ve been wondering what american label will end up signing them. I thought of Mexican Summer. Really !!! It’s not disadvantageous for them to be a label mate of Best Coast, is it? Their debut full-length is a real sweetie. You can get it somewhere.


“Beaches are Antonia Sellbach (Love of Diagrams) on guitar and vocals, Alison Bolger (Panel of Judges) on guitar and vocals, Ali McCann on guitar and vocals, Gill Tucker (Spider Vomit) on bass and vocals and Karla Way on drums and vocals. The album was recorded by Jack Farley in Melbourne and mastered by Bob Weston in Chicago and features song writing by all five band members. Beaches was born of humble intentions, an unmeditated dialogue between friends fuelled by the joy of playing together. After nine months of occasional jams, the band played their first show in October 2007 and has since built an avid following for their trancelike, sonic overdrive live shows. In Australia, they have been invited to play All Tomorrow Parties, Big Day Out, Laneway Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival and Meredith Music Festival and won supports for the likes of Mogwai, Deerhunter and Lightning Bolt. The band’s communal creative processes are collaborative and intuitive, a shared stream of consciousness and subconsciousness which allows each member’s textural layers and sonic harmonics to emerge and merge into the whole. The stylistic shades reflect the shared musical loves of Beaches, from 1960s hit parades to 1970s psychedelia, shoegaze to prog, southern boogie to krautrock. Yet Beaches transcend their influences to create something wholly new.”





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Not a few people of above-the-3rd-world are having a hard time handling their fierce interest in our (I want to exclude myself from “our” if that still can make sense) northern counterparts. This, mostly self-entertaining, interest can be interpreted and understood in more than a single aspect, but no matter how personal and social variables have affected its genesis, there’s the lowest common denominator that sheds a light on the basic human desire not irrelevant to those lie in the tale of Adam & Eve and Pandora’s Box. You want to map a treasure island of oddities and novelties that has been half-lost on the tyrannical seas of the civilization in which Facebook thrives, but you are aware that mindfuck – whatever form you take – is the only palpable gain in there, however, it’s still worth trying because there’s no risk of loss in the paths this interest, or curiosity, leads you to. 

Look at these islanders, they’re bitterly sardonic and obviously hate you while some dingbats would consider them as the equal of their nominal riffraff mexican or puerto rican friends that make those vain dingbats feel authentic and cool. 

They’re the embodiment of punkrock without any theoretical and conceptual bullcrap when seen with “We’ll never cross the path and it’s lucky I am not a part of you. But it’s really exciting to know how idio(t)syncratic you are” kind of friendly remoteness, and romantic sympathy that have-it-alls are prone to project onto the disenfranchised. And some will find this instructing lady in a uniform hot. Well, I kinda do. I think she got feautres that can make her an asian hipster girl. She just needs a few mendings and the broadscale brain(re)washing. I visualize her after 7:3 bob haircut in faded ripped blue jeanshorts and plain white short-sleeves with several pieces of blinging silvery accessories… this makeup is alright but the mien should be sassy and lively. I like this girl, that’s all there was to say in the first place. 

Click this for a shitload of north korea photos. This old korean dude refers to himself as  “English Gentleman” on his blog profile. No kidding. 




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Wolfgang Tilmans, Venus, transit 2004, C-type print 40.6 × 30.5 cm,
Courtesy the artist and Maureen Paley, London




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