Our Legacy with the help of some of my friends

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In the far fucking remote future, that could be possible but to our chagrin we live in the present and therefore we CAN’T download clothes and make them our own. Furthermore, we’re all broke (you aren’t? then lucky you … ). To vindicate fashion supremacy, one just needs to do one thing; to show how cool you look. Well, there’s a weird world where pathologically name-seeking, insipidly dressed but mildly fuckable korean female fashion journalists (what a waste of a job !) jabber on and on about how Anna Wintour is faboulous with erudite fashion boreledges but that world’s for morons so let the morons fuck themselves;  a purported asshole Susie Bubble is at least appreciatable for the opposite reason. Cut the crap (of what a fortune you’re born beautiful, how much I loathe fashion people and why I had to sever myself from the seductive world of fashion, and that is, of course mainly because I’m very poor) and Get to the bottom.



I’ve been drooling over this swedish clothing brand Our Legacy for quite a while and it’s almost sinful to know they’re getting this better and I’ll never be able to get any of these:

Hidden Harvest SS10 collection centre focus is the epic life of a well made garment. Like a person, a garment has a personal of its own. It can be intellectual, romantic, sensitive, experienced and much more. Hidden Harvest main filosophy is natural growed fabrics and personal identity.”


such immaculate stunners (if i must make an exception, that would be flamboyant cowboy boots) and perfect hipster outfits for guys who’ll love timewornly fresh pressed, reasonably high-priced, first-hand thrift store-ish garments – excuse me for oxymorons, aren’t they?


Here’s another goodie from Our Legacy


This jacket looks as if classic Merc harrington jacket is engineered.


a note from someone:  As you’d expect from the brand currently out-APC’ing APC, it’s an understated piece that could slot into anyone’s wardrobe.


Now that A.P.C. is mentioned, I am compelled to bring this hideous recent A.P.C. X Carhartt stuff.



I think I first saw A.P.C.’s goods via japanese fashion magazine Men’s Nonno circa 1999 (and the magazine’s date of the issue was way back) and I instantly related A.P.C. to Command & Conquer, one of the games I most enjoyed, because that’s where A.P.C. (Armored Personnel Carrier) went down in my memory.

They’d better collaborate with Command & Conquer, going full-on military look which indeed was their forte in the beginning.


Speaking of classic Merc harrington jacket, here are photos of my friends donning its kin. Maybe they don’t know what’s Merc since they never tried to be true mods like I did. And I think their jackets were thrifted.




Which one do you prefer? Like any good friends, we often rip off each other but be reminded I’m always the creative one. And also, Please Don’t Make A Rough Guess About Me Based On My Friends’ Looks. I’m much more handsome than these dudes. It’s The Truth. Although a very few of youz would find them cute, they actually resemble korea’s legendary comedian, Sim-Hyung-Rae who’s known for his too homely face and playing a notorious cretin, Young-Gu. My Friends above aren’t ugly yet as we know, sometimes you look like some ugly people but nonetheless can have quite o.k. looks.



He’s also a movie director. Have you 1. heard of,  2. or seen, D-War? I belong to the former and it’s unfortunate if you are of the latter. Anyways, He directed that movie. Can see you the similarity amongst these 3 koreans? My friends, the upper one is older and thus Big Hyung-Rae, the lower one is younger so he’s Little Hyung-Rae but those are not their official nicknames. I know you don’t give a shit about them.

Here come other photos you wouldn’t give a shit about. Some with celebs of hipster music world. If  you don’t know any of these two big names – whether or not you like their stuff, it’s just too sad – You’ve been listening to shitty music.



I guess you’ve never seen korean hipsters (Korean-Korean, not some of your cool Korean-American friends and Hipster Grifter – a korean adoptee) before this. I don’t count some nerdy dorky korean college indie boys who’ve been to Union Pool and babble nonsense about white hipsters after their coming back, or some vaguely fashionable (but quite plain), (below) average looking but pseudo-smart korean girls who love mostly Tortoise – Stereolab kinda shit and like to go to every worthless shows in NYC, or some pretty good looking (once in a way knockout) parsons-fit nyc type korean girls who got no culture but ostensibly cultural and go crazy over every cheap Electro music and have no idea why My Chemical Romance is the most gross band in the world. 

I mentored all of my friends, but why I am not able to move to america?


Genius Party And Beyond (2007-2008, Studio 4°C)

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Genius Party is an anthology of short animated films from Studio 4°C released on July 7, 2007. The short films are Japanese anime, with the exception of the French “Le manchot mélomane” directed by Nicolas de Crécy (however, this short film was not part of the first two Genius Party films).

A sequel called Genius Party Beyond was released on February 15, 2008, and includes most of the films which were finished but not included in the original Genius Party.



(English subtitles embedded)


Genius Party (2007):[BSS]_Genius_Party_all_7_Episodes_[DVD].5032402.TPB.torrent

Genius Party Beyond (2008):


La La Vasquez – Hello 7″ (2010, Captured Tracks)

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I’m a long and big-time Riot Grrrl nut. While Olympia, Washington carries her weight as the sanctuary of where-it-all-began, my favourites were begotten across the pond. Huggy Bear (Long Live Huggy Bear Empire! but Why is it so hard to get their photos from the internet?) is the ideal band in my joyous book of D.I.Y punk rock aesthetic and the first thing I wish I could’ve seen live, Huggy Bear off-shoot Phantom Pregnancies is simply the perfect band as far as riot grrl/garage-noise punk is concerned, and I can swill down every stuff  Skinned Teen has ever put out with the highest of gratification – only if I can locate more !

Brits (I would rather not draw a line between Brits and Scots, music-wise) got something special, and I guess it’s amiable childlike delight and sweetness swirling in tandem with the sounds of rebellious frenzy, which also could be traced from the music of The Pastels/The Shop Assistants/C-86/Twee/Anorak brigade. And besides, their accents are damn appealing and endearing when gone musical.

Fast foward to recent times

There has been a big surge of post-riot grrl bands in the states that thankfully brought me some of the most-loved acts such as Mika Miko, Finally Punk and The Coathangers (Ok, I admit I fell into a pit of needlessly pigeonholing independent occurrences) in addition to quite enjoyable New Bloods, too-tender-to-be-my-type-of-girls like SF’s Grass Widow and Brilliant Colors, and so on. But what’s been happening in Great Britain, the country of The Raincoats, The Slits and X-Ray Spex? There’s a time when I was zealously digging cool new bands on myspace and then I was totally blown away by Headless (quite metallish)and Leopard Leg (quite too experimental) which means I thought both are superb and better than any other american bands in related businesses. But they’re all short-lived and long gone, and, before all, were rather distant from Riot Grrrl in a strict sense of it; things are getting convoluted regarding the notion/validity of Riot Grrrl. So please let me shirk the intricacies.

perhaps to be continued tomorrow (I didn’t even talk about La La Vasquez !)


La La Vasquez performing Hello? supporting U.S. Girls at the Cowley Club Brighton.




La La Vasquez – Hello 7″ (2010, Captured Tracks) 

fucking cool

1. Mexican Ghost (On a Boat)

2. Hello?

3. Claire Savage



Death Is My Friend

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off to meet my friend. bye.


MV & EEDeath Is My Friend




MV & EELiberty Rose (2010, Child Of Microtones)


Brand-new self-released COM in a numbered run of only 99 copies packaged with full colour sleeves and inserts from the duo of Matthew Valentine and Erika Elder. A collection of massively dosed studio recordings, Liberty Rose opens with beams of elegiac solo guitar before dropping into a classic slow-burning jag with puffs of echo/delay damaged vocals melting into hallucinatory afterimages while Erika slides quicksilver runs all the way down your spine. “Crow Jane Environs” has a deep desert feel that could almost be Mu if it wasn’t for Erika’s oracular vocals and MV’s post-Takayanagi soloing. The stark, stripped down version of “Death Is My Friend” features a stunning/chilling vocal performance from Erika and Doc Dunn joins the duo for the last two tracks, with “Out In Space” as dazed and lonely as anything on Skip Spence’s Oar and “Streams” featuring clouds of lucid unison vocals that you could disappear inside. I guess at this stage Child Of Microtones has the same relationship to the Ecstatic Peace releases that Richard Youngs’ No Fans imprint has to his releases on Jagjaguwar, functioning as a repository for some of the most psychedelic, experimental and personal music to escape from the personal stash. And this is a major instalment. Dedicated to Dr Ragtime. Highly recommended.



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some portraits by Tim Barber

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Jason Nocito (Photographer:

Chloe Sevigny

Dash Snow

Terry Richardson & Aurel Schmidt

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony

Thurston Moore & Eva Prinz of Ecstatic Peace Library

Double Leopards  


Best Coast on VICE

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Best Coast = Bobb Brunno + Bethany Consentino


Finally, Best Coast is on VICE magazine. I had enough of their interviews already not to read this one, yet I could scoop up a wee drink to quench my enduring curiosity about the relationship between Bethany and Amanda (hereafter that girl).          


So Pocahaunted disbanded because you weren’t seeing eye to eye? 

Well, OK. I didn’t like playing music with that girl. And so the truth comes out… 

Read More: 

Oh! that girl ! I love its nuance in the context of this sentence. perhaps they fell out !!! 

Pocahaunted (pre-Diva Dompe era): That Girl and Bethany


This photo also is from VICE article: 

I talked about that girl Amanda the other day. See: 



Best Coast- Something In The Way @ The Smell


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photo by Stephanie Gonot



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photo by Megan Kathleen McIsaac



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photo by Brett Nelson