Hipnagogic Poop

Posted in music by okkame on June 9, 2010



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I don’t know whether to smile or cry. It came to the point where Emeralds‘ fabulous new album released on eMego got Pitchforked, following the expected BNM anointment of Ariel Pink’s 4AD debut. Well, in terms of name, Emeralds wouldn’t look so bad alongside Vampire Weekend and Surfer Blood on ipod. While it’s pleasing to see true talents setting foot on the threshold of fame and success they deserve (by courtesy of music’s most powerful flavour-of-the moment maker), I can’t help being anxious about nearing irritation that is stemmed partly from my intolerance to clueless (korean collegian) schmucks unabashedly copying Pitchfork’ taste (these sickening korean Pitchfork worshipers are quite a few, if not many), partly from my deathless cooler-than-thou smuggery. If it sounds like beef of a douchebag in the know, be it so. I’m the hipster hahaha.

The thing is not that I wanted to claim ‘I was a mod before you were a mod’ shit but I felt to share helpful information regarding this stuff with youz after stumbling on Dennis Cooper’s wonderful lippy blog once again as a natural randomly unrandom consequence of internet surfing then fishing out this Hynagogic shit . So, here we go.

Dennis Cooper’s post is sorta rundown of Hynagogic Pop which’s bits and pieces gleaned from a variety of sources with a dozen of videos. Click this Hynagogic shit if you like. I got above scanned pieces of WIRE magazine article thanks to that post; I didn’t expect to see ever-adorable Diva Dompe (why they used a dorky photo of her?), much less Mark Mcguire ponced up as PIL-era Johnny Rotten. I appreciate his fancy move befitting this fancy magazine. And in case you’ve never heard of Dennis Cooper, read this VICE stuff. It(He)’s really cool, an essential.

Talking of Amanda Brown (Not Not Fun/Pocahaunted etc) of whom you can see the photo above.. Watch this video. Hiralious,  she, renowned LA hipsters’ impresario, is being made fun of in it. Cute though.



And here’s Mark Mcguire(of Emeralds)  somewhere in LA live vid with Cold Cave’s ‘Cremations’ and Magik Markers’ Balf Quarry LP behind (what’s the far right one?)

Watch it just for the sake of a cute hipster chick seen about 2:02 – 2:06


And if you want to see the subject being discussed in much more blunt, boisterous, belligerent surroundings. Take it from Termbo dudes.  Helluva infotaining bursts of bile from Anti-WIRE/Anti-David Keenan underground music savants with amusing R-rated opinions. I’m with them that Hynagogic Pop is a stupid term. But that We music nerds are feeding on it is undeniable.


The Skaters are fucking hyped.