Elisa Ambrogio + Axolotl – Yankee Psychic Hygiene 7″ (2007, Spirit Of Orr)

Posted in girls, music by okkame on August 3, 2010


Nothing like what forces me to rave about, this is underexposed as their namevalues in the scene go and alright refreshment that can be noshed like Oreo and Mountain Dew that your mouth that is your ears somehow finds not easy to come off, so here you go, with my best regards to Ms. Magik Marker. I hope I’m the first one to analogize noise/improv music to Cookie & Soft Drink. Perhaps it could have been better served by 7 Up since the total runtime of this 7″ is about 7 minutes.

I photoshopped the below exclusively for this post and I even installed Photoshop to make it exclusive.



Thank you Stephen Shore and some flickr user for offering the originals. I know youse’re not gonna assert your rights to a shoddy mongrel like this. But isn’t she something? Elisa Ambrogio is Ellen Page of indie rock, I insist.  ……..

 To Be Continued or not, Tomorrow. I gotta sleep.


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